Saturday, 11 February 2017

The Bestseller By Ajitabha Bose

Name of the Book : The Bestseller
Author : Ajitabha Bose 
Publisher : Authors' Ink Publication
Type : Paperback (Pocket Size)

The Bestseller By Ajitabha Bose In this 62 Pages book you will get a bunch of emotions, This book has great start and great end like every story doesn't have Happy Endings, The Main character Artharv, Priyanshi & Niharika, They all met at their Workstation. at Starting Priyanshi not even talking with Artharv and Artharv got a chance to learn some tips by Priyanshi but he can't stop himself by staring at her, and she asked some cute question and Artharv replies from his heart. Niharika always teases Artharv by Saying Artharv has fallen in Love with Priyanshi,
Priyanshi was a writer her 2 book got published but not got that much success which was expected by Priyanshi, she were expecting same from her 3rd Book Named 'The Bestseller'. And Artharv & Priyanshi Becomes a love bird.
Readers of Love Stories can read this for Good Story, As Ajitabha Dedicated this to All Aspiring Writers they can also read this book.

About the Book : Every author wants to become a bestseller one day. Do you know over 1 Lac books are published in India every year! Only a few become a bestseller. Have you ever wondered how it is to live a life of a bestselling author? Come, join me and read a story of life, love and dreams. It's a story of Priyanshi and her dream to become a bestseller.

Do read This book To Know More By ordering from Amazon

Ratings : 
    Cover : 4/5 Stars
     Story : 4/5 Stars
All Over : 4/5 Stars

Review by Rishikumar Thakur

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