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Conversation with Arpit Vageria

About Arpit: Arpit Vageria is a bestselling author of three romance novels –Your Are My Reason To Smile, I Still Think About You and Chockolate Sauce-Smooth. Dark. Sinful. Arpit also writes for the Indian television industry and has written stories and dialogues for many fiction and non-fiction television series and award functions. Hailing from Indore, he currently lives in Mumbai. He enjoys road trips, singing, playing pranks and adventurous sports.

Q&A session

Q.1) What brought you to write this book?
A: There are many untold stories out there that needs to be told, if I won’t write it, someone else will and it’s only good to tell stories that are worth reading, worth telling and worth living.

Q.2) What is the most unethical practice in the publishing industry?
A: Publishing industry doesn’t trust you or your capabilities till you prove yourself. Only a handful of traditional publishers are courageous enough to publish new authors and because of the dearth of good traditional publishers, there are new publishers opening up every day, some of the new ones fooling by charging money and giving absolutely nothing in return. That’s the game of demand and supply.

Q.3) Your favorite author and why? 
A: Harlan Coben, Prem Chand, Sidney Sheldon, Betty Mahmoody. All because of their excellent stories and narratives.

Q.4) Describe yourself in one word? 
A: Dreamer.

Q.5) Do you hide any secrets in your books that only a few people will find?
A: Yes, I did that with my latest release.

Q.6) What do you like to do when you're not writing?
A:   I like to travel and spend time with my family and friends. Also, thinking about the old times and calling up old buddies with whom i haven’t had a word in last 10-12 years. That’s fun.

Q.7) Tell us something about your latest book?
A:It’s a story of a dreamer who gives up on all necessities to follow his dreams. A story of a writer, his girlfriend and his first ever fan. This story talks about the cheap thrills and temptations we all have in our lives.

Q.8) Emotions, sentiments, sensitivity are a part of? 
A: Everyone’s story.

Q.9) Did you have any goals for this collection when you wrote it — to get published, or just to finish, etc.?
A: I never thought of getting my first book published but when I found out the way to do so, I found it only exciting to do it. If you have written a story, Its better that you share it with the world in any which way.

Q.10) From all of your book which book is your favourite?
A: I Still Think About You is my most favourite book because I haven’t done as many experiments in the book as I have done in that, The book was a comeback for me after 3 years and people loved the narrative and edginess in that story, That book somehow made me what I am today.

Arpit Vageria with his book " Your Are My Reason To Smile"

Q.11) What do you love most about the writing process? 
A: It’s like getting into the whole world that’s only mine, I like when I smile with satisfaction when I end any chapter, If I smile that means I have satisfied myself and If i have satisfied myself, I am sure i would be able to win my reader’s hearts too.

Q.12) When you will consider your biggest achievement?
A: The day I get love from all across the world the way I get it in India.

Q.13) How did you begin writing? Did you intend to become an author, or do you have a specific reason or reasons for writing each book?
A: I started writing out of chance and now, I write, to voice my opinion on necessary things like- Relationships, Youth etc.

Q.14) Do you meet your readers at book signings, conventions, or similar events?
A: That’s my favourite part of being an author. Yes, I do meet them every now and then.

Q.15) What’s more important: characters or plot? 
A: Both. Story goes handicapped without either of them.

Q.16) What is the biggest surprise that you experienced after becoming a writer? 
A: When people started recognizing me in crowd, That’s very unusual for an author in India.

Q.17) Your experience with Srishti Publishers & Distributors? 
A: It’s a great association and growing relationship. With each book, we’re committed to do better together.

Q.18) Are you going to keep writing and doing only part-time work, or do you see yourself eventually going back to a full-time, corporate-type job?
A: I am a television and web writer as well, So I see myself doing the same as of now. But yes, Only writing.
Q.19) If you could spend time a character from your book whom would it be? And what would you do during that day? 
A:I actually have spent time with all those characters from book as they’re inspired from real life people. I love Pihu from ‘You Are My reason to smile’ the most though.

Q.20) Which place you love to write? Nature or your room or any place? 
A: Anywhere at peace.

Q.21) Behind every successful man there is a woman. Agree or disagree? And why?
A: I don’t really believe in this or vice versa, We all seed what we bow, People can come and go but you’re permanent with yourself. You need to be geared up all the times.

Q.22) Any suggestion for budding writers?
A: Read, Read and read.

Q.23) Any last thoughts for our readers?
A: You guys have been my family, You’ve made what I am today. Keep showering this love, I have grown used to it now. Love you all.

Bawra Mann Cover- You Are My Reason To Smile
By Arpit Vageria

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Review - One Last Time

The book is provided by Arudhaa Club

Title: One Last Time

Authors: Anubhav Shrivastava & Shreehari H

Publisher : Write India Publisher

Pages : 176 

Price :  ₹ 175 (As printed on the book)

Blurb : 
Nakul, a fifteen-year- old boy from Delhi who has been raised with a silver spoon, visits a quaint little village in Madhya Pradesh. The crudeness and modesty of the village changes how he perceives different aspects of life. There he comes across Prakash, the son of a paddy farmer, who is the yin to his yang - their contrasting ideas on life fail to stunt the growth of their nascent friendship as ultimately it is their exuberance and a taste for adventure that bring them together. 
In the midst of their tale is the charming and talented Aakanksha who lives in the shadow of a spotlight. 
She goes through the motions of life according to the perceived ideals of society, consistently feeling a void, for she lacks a genuine friend. 
One Last Time is an eclectic and delectable fusion of Nakul's superficial urbane sensibilities, Aakanksha's confounded solitude and Prakash's rustic but sagely naiveties - one that will change their destinies forever.

Cover & Title:
Let's talk about the cover of the book first. The book cover has well designed and looks great. "One Last Time" the title of the book itself shows that it is somewhat quite unique.

Let's talk about the content of the book which is just amazing I really loved it a lot.
The story gets started with a Fifteen Years old Boy Nakul who was traveling to His  native Village with her grandmother through train during his School vacation after a hard attempt too convince his parents his grandmother got succeeded to take Nakul to the village. Nakul's Parents were a C.A by profession and his Mother was quite a strict women but at the ame time she loved Nakul very much and his Father was very soft soul by nature and very close to Nakul.
Nakul and his Parents were living in Delhi the lifestyle of them were totally different from the Village Peoples.
Nakul was going to spend his vacation in one of the villages of Madhya Pradesh called Bhadroli where there is a surprising Journey was waiting for Nakul.
After so many hours of Traveling Nakul finally reached to Bhadroli and while traveling to His Grandmother's house he saw a Boy, an Almond eyed boy who was also staring at Nakul as well, Nakul wasn't aware that the boy who was staring at Nakul was going to become his best friend one day.
Nakul's Grandmother requested Nakul to go to the paddy field to have a look around while walking around the paddy field he saw the same Almond eyed boy while he was handling his cart.
Finally, that boy started to talk to Nakul in Local language. and introduced himself His Name was Prakash a kid of one Farmer of Bhadroli who helps his Father in Paddy field who doesn't go to any school, he was two years older than Nakul, Nakul and Prakash had the good and interesting conversation and Prakash also taken him to his house where Prakash's mother welcomed Nakul and they talked much and they  had Sugarcane sticks, Nakul really enjoyed a lot on that day, and they both Nakul and Prakash use to spend their time together most of the time and their bonding becomes more stronger and this is how they came close to each other.
Nakul really liked his company and Prakash too; they played games like Pitts and antakshari by which Nakul enjoyed very well.
After spending his vacation he came to Delhi again but he Promised Prakash that he will return to Bhadroli again to do all the funny and joyful stuff which makes him happy. Nakul joined his school again and there he starts talking to the most beautiful girl in the school Akanksha who was the topper of the school and Good at Dance, and Nakul was the Captain of the basketball team. Nakul shared all his memory and about Prakash and Bhadroli with Akanksha and they became friends.
Nakul requested to his mother that he wanted to spend his School vacation in Bhadroli again, his mother kept one condition in front of Nakul if he scores 80% in final exam of 9th standard then only he can go and spend his vacation in Bhadroli.
Nakul worked hard and took the help from the topper of the class Akanksha with her notes and by studying in the library with Akanksha, finally he scored 87% in the exam. As a result
Nakul allowed to go to Bhadroli again and met his friend Prakash who was also happy on seeing him in Bhadroli, and they started to spend their time together and this time Prakash had planned two special surprises for Nakul and Nakul also brought some surprise gift from him.
Prakash taught him how to milk a cow and They both had a ride on Bullock cart and Prakash enjoyed it very much and Nakul had gifted a three set of the books related to English speaking course, and Prakash liked it very much, and also take some classes of Prakash of English in which Nakul taught him about English.
Nakul returned Delhi after spending his vacation in Bhadroli and joined his school where he talks and spend a time with Akanksha yes they both loved each other internally but they didn't confess.
Nakul was thinking to spend this Vacation too in Bhadroli and that's why he was more focused on his studies with Akanksha and started preparing for his final exams.
One day he got a call from his grandmother and she told him about Prakash that Prakash has left Bhadroli. after hearing this Nakul became sad but his father taught him something important about the life. and Nakul just wanted to meet Prakash for One Last Time.
Will Nakul meet Prakash again? Will they spend their time together again? To know all the answer of this question you have to read this wonderful book “One Last Time”

Positive Points
I must say both the Authors had worked very hard to make this book marvelous which brings a smile on face those who read this book, which is not just a book but also a story of true friendship, This Book kept me hooked till the end, and I damn sure you can’t resist yourself by turning the page. Anubhav Shrivastava & Shreehari H has written this book beautifully, and the characterization was just amazing, the location used by the author was also amazing. Plot was amazing and flowing with every chapter of the book, I loved the way both author described Nakul and Prakash and the way they connected with each other.

Negative Points: None (From My point of view)

Recommendation: Those who are believing in Friendship can read this Book 

Blurb : 4/5
Cover and Title : 3.5/5
Plot : 4.5/5
Overall: 4/5

Buy it From Amazon

About the Author : Anubhav Shrivastava graduated with a B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics from Manipal Institute of Institute of Technology in the year 2015. He is extremely passionate about cricket and movies.He has previously worked as a Consultant in Fractal Analytics and currently works in OLA. 

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Review - In Search of Happiness

Title : In Search of Happiness

Author : Sushil Kumar Rana & Shivangi Rawat

Format : Kindle

Pages : 44

Blurb: Today, when social media is full of scandal, heartbreak, revenge and full of unsocial activities. But there is something a beautiful relation is going to spring up in between Arohi and Aakash. Most of all you are thinking it as a love or something alike that. But it's not a love tale, their relationship has no name. Their relationship is more than a friend, relatives. Their bonding is pure and perpetual. Did this type of relation exist in this savage world. If yes then how and when, to know more about it go through the story. Some relation has no names, but that doesn’t mean that relation didn’t exist.
Love never is wrong its the person who always. Love has its own positivity and can alter a person completely. After breaking up with his girlfriend Sunil completely drowned in sorrow and grabbed by depression. There is no hope of returning to his normal state, at once he is a famous write with full of positivity and a motivator to all. So what miracle happens in his life that change him a different soul.
Everybody thinks that happiness is lies with money, what if it is totally wrong. We spent thousands of rupees in pub, bar multiplex and shopping mall but did we ever draw the inner happiness? Inner happiness is long lasting and not like with today’s temporary happiness.
So where it lies, or this is just a myth in the form of a book. Friends it really exists and you can't buy it with money and power. You gain it by serving some good deeds. What change a selfish person into a selfless. To know more we have to go through Madhav life story

Review: In search of happiness is an anthology co-authored by Sushil Kr. Rana and Shivangi Rawat. It's a collection of five different short stories, based on different themes . It teaches a lesson to the reader who read this book.
Let's talk about the cover first, the cover of the book suits the title as well and which is simple and beautiful. Each story will leave a strong impact on the minds of the readers .The book contains five short stories in each story you will find how the characters are searching for happiness which can't be bought by money..The five stories namely-DivineTransformation of lovers into writersIn search of happinessNitya the warrior andThe last hope.Each story is different but the concept is stood same that is Happiness,

Cover: 4/5
Blurb : 4/5
Story : 4/5
Overall : 4/5

Buy the book from Amazon : In Search Of Hapiness

Review - Moustache by S. Hareesh, Translated by Jayasree Kalathil

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