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Review - First Love by Sheeja Jose

Title : First Love

Author : Sheeja Jose

Publisher :  Fingerprint!

Pages : 272

Blrub : Tina is seventeen. Wonderful! Fell in love at thirteen. Amazing! She is no longer a virgin. So cool! But she is still in love with her first love. To say that Tina has the perfect love story will be no exaggeration. But her love loves her back only in her dreams. In real life, he is busy skirt-chasing every single girl except her. Years pass, and Tina finds it impossible to get over him. She is determined to make her first love her last, even if she gets hurt again and again. Will Tina get the happy ending she so desperately wants? A passionate love story, first love journeys through the love of two youngsters as they get hurt, suffer heartbreaks, and love with an unending passion.

Review : This book tells you the story of a passionate love story of one sweet girl Tina, who is happy with the people around her including her small group of friends.
and her life changed so dramatically when Aditya enters into her small world Tina felt something for him, Tina falls in love with him but Aditya who is busy in flirting with other girls, and chasing them, never understand her love for him. 
Aditya who has dated many girls in his life never approved her love though they have been involved physically with each other.
TIna's life gets more complicated when Rohit falls in with her, a guy who plays tennis with her. And story takes a major turn in the form of love triangle.

Will Tina succeed to get her first love as she wants?

Will Aditya approve Tina's love?

What will happen to Rohit's love for tina?

Will Tina get the happy ending she so desperately wants?

The narration of the story keeps you engage and help you to connect with the character. We all have experienced something called "Love at First Sight" in our school days or college days. Book comes with the beautifully desgined cover.
The story keeps shifting between two different timelines - 2016 and 2012. The book is very well written. 
The readers those who loves to read Young Adult Romance Novels can pick this book. 

Thank you, Fingerprint! for the copy.


Cover: 4/5
Blurb: 4/5
Plot: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

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About the Author: 
Sheeja Jose

SHEEJA JOSE is the author of two bestselling crime thrillers—Goodbye Girl (2015) and Gone with the Bullet (2016). She was the creative director of some of the successful TV shows such as Adalat before she found her calling in writing. A fan of Tarantino and Christopher Nolen, she enjoys studying psychology and physics. She believes that the best learning happens by travelling and strangers are the best teachers. Sheeja lives in Mumbai and is currently pursuing her Masters in literature. To know more about and to connect with Sheeja Jose, 

You can reach her at:
Insta: @authorsheejajose

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