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Review - Somewhere In A Song by Kavya Janani U.

Title: Somewhere In A Song

Author: Kavya Janani U.

Publisher: Self Published

Pages: 42 Pages

Blurb: Emma Justin, a young hypnotherapist, is obsessed with a song composed by independent musician Kevin Roberts. There are two reasons for her obsession.
The song has a haunting tune that sounded so familiar.
The singer, Sarah Jane Davies, sounds exactly like her.
But Sarah Jane has disappeared without a trace after recording the song. No matter how hard she searches, Emma could find no detail. Meanwhile, Kevin reveals something startling in a TV interview. How does that affect Emma?
Join Emma Justin on her journey to find the truth behind her obsession, battling depression and basking in success simultaneously

Review: Somewhere In A Song by Kavya Janani U.
I haven't read any book by Kavya Janani U. earlier but I am much impressed with the content she provided in this small piece of her writing. I would say she did a fantabulous job in this book.
The story starts with the lead character Emma Justin, a young hypnotherapist, who is is obsessed with a song composed by Kevin Roberts (Musician), there are two main reasons behind her obsession. First is Emma feels some familiar connection with the tune of the song & the Second is The singer, Sarah Jane Davies, sounds exactly like her, She had a conversation about this with her maid Laura, who had the unique talent of raising both her eyebrows simultaneously.
Emma did her best to find Sarah Jane Davies but somehow she fails in her search for Sarah Jane Davies. actually, Sarah Jane has disappeared without a trace after recording the song. neither Kevin Roberts wanted to discuss Sarah Jane in public in many interviews many of media person asked about Sarah Jane but whenever Kevin got the question about Sarah Jane he ends the interview without answering the remaining question.
One day Kevin Reveals something very important to the media in the interview on Y TV which changed the life of Emma.
He disclosed the secret how he started and he mentioned that five years back when he was trying his luck by composing some tracks and uploading that on online music store where people can listen to it. and during that period of the time, one girl visited his studio, and he also mentioned that that girl said that she is the big fan of him. and she had prepared one rough tune for him. she played that tune oh his Keyboard. and she left the place without telling her name neither he bothers to ask.
he used that tune with some modulations and adding effects and it took five years to him to bring out that tune as a song. Kevin also described how she was looking on that day and also mentioned that girls had a personal stereo of some unknown brand called "Shanio".
Here Emma was in shock as Kevin described her point to point all details. which completely matches with Emma and her Personal Stereo on which her Pets name was written which was "Shanio" and from this incident Emma's life changes. and she started taking Hypnotherapy session for herself.
What happens after that?
Did Emma find Sarah Jane Davies?
To get all the answers do read this amazing book which takes you the other level of the journey.


Cover: 4/5
Blurb: 4/5
Plot: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

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About the Author:
Kavya Janani. U is the author of 21 Pearls, a collection of multi-genre short stories. She started writing from the age of ten and published a few stories in her school magazine. She has published many short stories in YourStoryClub, Readomania and Tell-A-Tale websites. She has won Editor's Choice Award for her stories 'One Last Time', 'Christmas Eve', and 'Man Booker Prize' and Story of the Month Award for 'Man Booker Prize' in YourStoryClub website. She is also an active writer in Wattpad, YourQuote and Mirakee. Apart from being a writer, she is a professional singer, Bharatanatyam dancer, keyboard player, bibliophile, and a Potterhead. She owns a blog named Musings Lounge ( where she rambles on random topics and shares her personal experiences. She is a B.Tech graduate in Information Technology and works as a Junior Associate in State Bank of India. She currently resides in Chennai along with her husband T. Paramaguru. 

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