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Review - The Valentines: Happy Girl Lucky by Holly Smale

Title: The Valentines: Happy Girl Lucky

Author: Holly Smale

Publisher: HarperCollins

Pages: 480

Introducing the valentines. Fame – It runs in the family! Sisters hope, faith and mercy have everything: fame, success, money and beauty. But what hope wants most of all is love and it doesn’t matter how far she has to go to find it. Except real-life isn't like the movies. Even if you're a Valentine... Happy girl lucky is the first hilarious, heart-warming book in the valentines series. From the internationally bestselling author of geek girl, Holly smale.

I had never read any previous Holly Smale's book, and I chose this book for a new experience. And I'm very impressed with Holly's writing style and now she is one of my favorite authors.
The book comes with a very attractive cover HarperCollins never compromises with the quality of covers they are one of the professional publishers in the world I must say.

Hope is the youngest of the famous Family, at nearly sixteen she isn't allowed in the spotlight yet but can't wait to be allowed as she dreams constantly of film style monologues and meeting the one, Hope is desperate for her future to begin. Hope has grown up in a famous family - her parents met on the set of a film - but out of the limelight. 

The Valentines have a family rule that has seen her coddled and protected from the media until she turns sixteen and Hope can’t wait. 
All she wants is to be allowed to start acting as everyone else did in her family. She has three older siblings who barely notice her, and parents who aren't really about, as the story progresses Hope becomes a much more layered and enjoyable character. 
She lives out her days fighting with her sisters, stealing their clothes. Hope’s daydreams appear in the novel as mini scripts complete with wistful actions and declarative dialogue.
There are a few cliches thrown in but there are also a few good one-liners and I enjoyed the family dynamic of the siblings. 

There are many interesting scenes present in the book which I haven't mentioned here to know that and to enjoy this amazing book do grab your copy of The Valentines: Happy Girl Lucky by Holly Smale

Thank you, HarperCollins India for the copy


Cover: 5/5
Blurb: 4/5
Plot: 4/5
Overall: 4.5/5

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About the Author-

Holly Smale

HOLLY SMALE wanted to write from the age of five when she discovered that books didn’t grow on trees like apples. Her passion for stories led her on a number of adventures, including modelling, teaching children in Japan, PR and backpacking across dozens of countries around the world. She has a degree in English literature and an MA in Shakespeare and Feminism from Bristol University.The Valentines series is the blockbusting follow-up to the number-one, internationally bestselling and acclaimed Geek Girl series, which sold over three million copies in thirty languages and won the Teen and Young Adult category of the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize.

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