Sunday, 26 March 2017

A Road Not Traveled By J Alchem

Name : A Road Not Traveled
Author : J.Alchem
Publisher : Storymirror

A Road Not Traveled is an Awesome tale by J. Alchem really it's quite pretty thought Can the world be a single country, isn't it, I must say this book made an a special place in my heart and as well in the list of my favourite Books, J Alchem wrote a beautifully, Amazing Acknowledgement. The story begins from a Niorgast Stinvins, a Motivational Speaker by profession one day he got a call from an unknown Number asking him to attend a meeting, even he doesn't has idea why he is he going to atten that meeting, but does he went to that place where that unknown person told him to meet.
There he met two more Strangers Doilin Flenk a political advisor and other one was Bakintin Lenit a Journalist, and the third one who called them to attend the meeting Mr. Albormi who were Dreaming about one thing to make world as a single country in which he needs help so he found 3 people's, so he would start his mission to make world free from terrorism, Scam, Corruption so people can live their life fearlessly.
Apart from this author made me cry with  Niorgast's childhood story his relationship with His mother how he lost her in accident.
Well this book is not only book it's a bunch of motivation, as Impossible is just a word which present in Dictionary, the only word exist in reality is Possible.
Well is Mr Albormi were succeed to his mission or not ? Do read the book to know more By Ordering from Amazon
Waiting for New One From J Alchem

About the Book: Niorgast Stinvins, a motivational speaker by profession, wakes up one day to a strange phone call from an unknown person asking him to attend a meeting. There he is introduced to two more strangers, Doilin Flenk(Political advisor) and Bakintin Lenit (Journalist) and to a mission : "Can the world be a single country?" Thus begins a journey on a road not traveled, learning new lessons, unlearning a few and finally realizing that life is much more than what you think it is. Accompanying him on this journey are his personal demons, some ghosts of the past and few random memories of the near future with his loved ones. One day he reaches a stage where he doesn't know if he will be able to live or not. Can the world be a single country? Will they be able to take this mission from a closed room to a goal post? What circumstances are they going to face? How will their journey be?

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Ratings : 
Cover : 4/5
Story : 4/5 

Reviewed By Rishikumar Thakur

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