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8: The Game Is On by Swapnil Khamkar

Title: 8: The Game Is On

Author:  Swapnil Khamkar

Publisher: Srishti Publisher & Distributors

Pages: 160

Blurb: History holds a lot in its pages. But till when can truth be hidden?
Neel is a cop investigating the mysterious death of a famous film director. In the middle of a divorce case with his wife Avantika and amidst thoughts of resigning from his job, will he be able to find the culprit?
A five-hundred-year-old sunken ship belonging to Vasco da Gama is discovered off the coast in Oman. It is well known that the ship sank with thousands of artefacts in it. Out of them, eight artefacts are missing in specific. Do they have some connection with the film director’s death?
Neel tries to unearth the truth behind the missing artefacts to find clues to questions nobody else can answer. Join Neel as he tries to find the truth behind 8! 1 ship; 2 deaths; 3 cops; 400 murders; 500 years; 60 days; 7 countries; 8 artefacts – Let the adventure begin!

Review: As mentioned in the blurb 8 incidents are present in this book which are connected to each other, and that's why the title of the book is "8 The Game Is On".
The story started with the death of a one of the famous film director Akash Gupta. and Jay with his police team Reposted to the crime scene and there a new and Lead character Neel was introduced by the Author. Neel was a Police Officer who left the police department by giving a resignation letter to his Senior officer. There was a personal reason behind this. Neel and Jay were a friend and colleagues too. Neel and His wife Avantika who were a police officer too, both were separated just because of one misunderstanding which was occurred while Nell was on a mission of Police department. Raghu the head of them had assigned the Mission to Neel and Jay by letting down the current mission of Akash Gupta. A mission of the Robbery of the 8 Artefacts from the Ship which is related to Vasco Da Gama... and after some time Raghu called them Back for the Akash Gupta case and one more officer joined them, Who was Avantika Neel's Wife. and at some points author had tried to show a love story of Neel and Avantika.
The Story runs with all Incidents which is mentioned in the Blurb. at some stages, it looks like the author had just jumped to another scene.
Will they get succeed to there mission?
will Neel and Avantika will give another chance to there Relationship?
for all the answer you have to read this book.


Blurb: 3/5
Cover: 4/5
Plot: 3/5
                                                                            Overall: 3.5/5                                                                                                                                                                                                


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