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Review - Lost in Love by Arvind Parashar

Title: Lost in Love

Author: Arvind Parashar

Publisher: Srishti Publisher

Pages: 176

Blurb: Neil had many questions related to his life. Having suffered a total eclipse of the heart, dumped by Arya, he had nowhere to go. He was completely shattered. Till one fine day, when his friend Gauri, who had a crush on Neil ever since her childhood, comes into his life and they begin their journey of love, romance, fantasy, and fairy tales. 
Not for long, as their world comes crashing with a tragic, life-turning event. This is a heart-wrenching romance thriller that is bound to move you and hit your soul as you take a plunge and get Lost in Love.

Review: This is the third book by Arvind Parashar and second book for me. Previously I have read “Messed Up! But All For Love by Arvind Parashar” which is published by Srishti Publishers and Distributors. The cover of this book is the almost same the as Previous book the font is used in the cover is same as used in the Previous book.
After reading “Messed Up! But All For Love” my expectations from the Author quite increased and I am very much satisfied with this book. If you compare previous books with this book you will find out the writing style and content is much improved and I would like to suggest the author to keep this momentum going.
Let's talk about the book now, what you will find inside this book? Was it worth to read? This type of question comes into the every book lover when a new book launch. I would say yes this is the perfect read for the lovers of Romance novels, without any doubt.
This is the second book of a trilogy and sheds light on the beautiful relation of Neil and Gauri, in this novel you will not only read about, love, romance, sex, jealousy, anger, revenge but here author tried to highlight the issues of drugs and rash driving which happening around us. The story is also beautifully weaved around the friendships that are actually very important in all of our lives. The use of various Hindi phrases in between helps you connect with the characters of the story and also helps better understand their individual personality as the author did in the previous book ( it is better to abuse friend in Hindi ). Again in this book, you will read the socking end of the relationship of Neil and Gauri. Bu my dear reader friend there is special suspense hidden in a few pages of this book which will surely amaze you. The story is very relatable for me and many of you will easily relate to the story. The language used in this book is very simple which helps the author to keep this book simple to read and relate.
In short, I am much impressed with the work done by Arvind in this book, will you a good luck for your upcoming book eagerly waiting to read more from you.


Cover: 4/5
Blurb: 4/5
Plot: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

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About the Author: Arvind Parashar is a bestselling author of two books and a well-known motivational speaker.

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